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All Australian Online Casino is one of the leading online casinos having dedicated its games, service and functionality with solely Australian players in mind. Among the numerous and exciting games it has to offer its Australian online players includes the unique chance to be able to play live table games with live dealers through a live transmission broadcasted from the land based Portomaso Casino which is located in Malta.

No other Australian online casino offers its players this unique chance to play with one of the most popular land based casinos within Malta. So much so that it has grasped the attention of both locals and foreigners who travel to Malta purposely to play at its tables and not the attention of online Australian players. In order to access any of these live games such as the All Australian Roulette, Baccarat and of course the All Australian Blackjack, players must note that they must be logged into an account beforehand as these are available to be played in real mode alone. The All Australian online casino games such as this offer Australian players the opportunity to view all the dealing of an actual casino while placing bets and playing from the comfort of their own home. Thanks to the state of the art software utilised to perform such game play, no software would be required to be downloaded before hand, therefore ensuring instant play through an internet browser. Although the All Australian blackjack is being offered in both virtual mode and live mode, it is the live play which gives players the satisfaction of gaining a casino feel while doing so. The main difference between these two versions is the fact that in virtual mode, players are being dealt by automated dealers. The method of play and decision making in the live mode, however, is somewhat different due to the fact that there is no limit to the total number of Australian online players who can play the same game at the same time. It is due to this that it is virtually impossible for all online players to communicate with the single dealer giving the decision making task to the dealer. However in order to understand this, Australian online players must first understand the objective of the All Australian blackjack.

A standard game of All Australian Blackjack no matter the form in which it is played has but one objective. This aim is for any online or land based player to gain more card points in a single hand than that of the dealer’s hand. But is important to note that no matter the points gained in each hand, it must not exceed a total of twenty one points or the hand will become void or in other words Bust. In order to understand this further, the point system works in a simple way. The Ace card can contain either one or eleven points depending on the cards dealt before it or after it; picture cards which are King, Queen and Jack comprise of ten points each respectively while all other cards are calculated at their face value e.g. a 10 card has ten points, a three card has three points and so on and so forth. A pure All Australian Blackjack is obtained when the total points within a dealt hand add up to twenty one points exactly while a perfect blackjack comprises of two main cards either a ten or a picture card containing ten points and an Ace card containing eleven points.

No matter the type of all Australian blackjack game chosen, online players must select from a series of tables available of the same blackjack game. These tables are divided according to the table limits of the game. Online players are then free to choose the table they desire depending on the minimum and maximum betting limits of their choice. Once the selection has been made, as any All Australian online casino Blackjack game begins, a player must first place bets on a series of designated areas where hands will eventually be dealt. The cards are shuffled either automatically or by the live dealer. These bets will be placed depending on which hand the player hopes will gain a higher score of points than the dealer’s hand or at least as close as possible to a blackjack without seeing the cards beforehand. Now, this is where the difference between a live game of blackjack and the virtual game of blackjack begins. In the virtual version, it is up to the Australian online player to decide whether or not more cards are to be dealt in a single hand making the decision to try and achieve the objective of the game. In the live version of all Australian blackjack on the other hand, as mentioned earlier, it is impossible for the large amount of online players to communicate with the dealer and therefore it is up to the dealer to follow strict rules and regulations to make the decision for the online player. After the designated time for placing bets has expired, the dealer will begins dealing the cards. If a single hand has reached a total seventeen points or more, then the hand will stop at that amount. This will also mean that the dealer will draw additional cards if the card points add up to sixteen or less.

However, during the game an Australian online player is given the opportunity to choose whether they prefer to Double Down or Split their hand. In the case of a double down, whenever a player’s hand reaches 9, 10 or 11 points, they are given the chance to chose whether they would like to double their bet or not and the player can select to do either one while playing during a time span of five seconds. On the other hand, in the case of a split had, an online Australian player will be indicated by the online casino screen when this opportunity arises. This will give the players the option to choose whether he / she would like to split their hand or not. If the decision to split has been taken the player must double the bet to cover both split hands within a time span of five seconds also. In case a player is unfamiliar of the rule and regulations of the All Australian blackjack game, they may refer to the rules and regulations within the game itself.