Boom Brothers

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Boom Brothers is a slot machine which revolves around the theme based on three dwarf brothers whose sole purpose in life is to blast through rock faces within caves in search of precious stones. A player will achieve an exciting and fun form of game play when playing this game as it not only includes the standard Netent video slot features (as mentioned earlier) but it also offers unique features such as the second chance feature and a railtrack feature which leads players into the mini off reel bonus game. Boom Brothers is a five reel, three row video slow comprising of a maximum of twenty bet lines at various levels ranging from one to five. Players are able to pre-select the coin value of their bet as well as the coin value and number of bet lines they desire. However there is an option provided within the game that enables players to select a ‘max bet’. This means that once this option has been selected that particular round will automatically be spun at the maximum bet level and maximum bet lines at the pre-selected coin value of the player’s choice. Through this option players are in the running to receive larger winnings and bonuses. The Boom Brothers’ free spins are activated when three or more free spin symbols appear anywhere on the reels. In order to determine the number of free spins won by the player, the free spins symbols will automatically spin on its axel which will then reveal the number of free spins. These total number of free spins revealed, can range between eight and fifty. It is important to note that the free spins will be played at the same bet level and lines as the spin which activated the free spins in the first place. This is why it is important that players choose the maximum bet in order to ensure that they receive the maximum winning amount from the free spins. Any wins obtained from this free spins feature will automatically be totalled at the end of the spins and added to the player’s account once the player has returned to the main game.

The second chance feature within Boom Brothers may appear at any time whether the player has spun winning lines or not. When this occurs one of the boom brothers will animatedly appear and throw a bomb on a random reel. When this happens the symbols will be changed into another symbol thus giving players a second chance in obtaining a winning bet line. Another feature which adds to the fun element of the Boom brothers pokie is the railtrack feature which enables the off reel mini bonus game. The railtrack feature can be activated when three railtrack symbols appear anywhere on reels 1, 2 and 3. When this happens these symbols will automatically align forming the start of a railtrack while the last two reels will automatically re-spin in the hopes of completing the track with the appearance of additional railtrack symbols. Should the player however be unsuccessful in completing the track and only gains the first three tracks, the player will win double the amount bet. If however four tracks appear then the player’s bets are triples in winnings. But if the track has been successfully completed, then the player wins four times the bet and they are automatically entered into the mini bonus game. The railtrack feature can also be triggered during free spins and the auto play option. Once the mini off reel bonus game has been activated, players are diverted to a separate screen which will reveal the three Boom Brothers in separate carts parallel from one another. Each one of their carts leads along a track to a rock face containing either diamonds, rubies or gold bars. The highest win will be pertained from the diamonds and lastly the gold bars. At the bottom of the same screen are three carts containing any one of these stones. It is up to the player to select any one of these three carts in order to reveal the stone which is within the selected cart. Depending on the stone which is revealed, the boom brother whose cart leads to that particular stone will move a number of spaces at a maximum of three per turn. The first boom brother cart to reach their rock face first will reveal a number of bonus coins won. These winnings will be added to the players balance at the end of the game and the player is then transferred back to the main reel game.