One of the many advantages that online casinos have over land based casinos is the fact that they offer a large range of games that can be played from the comfort of a player’s home. So much so, that they also offer games which cannot be found in any other land based venues such as slots and video slots. Although the difference between the two may be slight, they still offer an entertaining and fun filled game play which is unique in every way.

The standard pokies which are sometimes referred to as fruit machines are some of the more standard slots which comprise of basic reel play of an average of three reels with symbols such as fruit and jokers. On the other hand, video pokies are more complex in their composition as they include more complex animations, graphics and sounds. These forms of pokies may not be found in all online casinos but the best can be located in the All Australian online casino. It has collaborated with one of the most well known online gaming software companies in the industry call NETENT. Netent – Net Entertainment – has produced some of the most popular and fun slots in the industry. Its video slots may have similar qualities but no two games are the same. Each one of them comprises of a unique theme with characters and symbols which compliment that particular theme. Some examples of such All Australian pokies are Boom Brothers, Alien Robots and of course Blood Suckers.

Blood Suckers is a Netent video slot comprised of five reels, three rows and twenty five bet lines which can be played at multiple coin values as pre-selected by the player. Its theme is based on vampires who have escaped from their coffins and wreaking havoc in the world and sucking the blood of helpless damsels. Among the various characters and symbols Australian players may come to expect from the Blood Suckers’ reels include various types of vampires, bloody wooden steaks, garlic, potions and many more. The highest payout combinations are those of the vampire symbols, while the lowest payout combination would be that of the garlic symbols. However no matter the combination a player spins, they are guaranteed to win large sums. Some features that aid the players to win even larger sums are the free spins, wild substitutions, scatter symbols and the Blood Suckers off the reel mini bonus game. The free spins are activated when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. It is important to note that when these free spins are activated, they are played at the same bet level and lines as the spin which activated the free spins in the first place. However the free spins do not end there are the Australian player may gain additional 10 spins when three or more scatter symbols are also spun. The total winnings from the free spins are totalled and added to the player’s balance at the end of the feature. As mentioned earlier, many of the Netent video slots offer unique off the reel mini bonus game and Blood Suckers is one of them. In order to access this mini bonus game, players would need to spin three or more successive bonus symbols on an active bet line as long as they appear from the left most reel to the right. Once the bonus game is activated, players are diverted to another screen where they will see a number of closed coffins. The aim of the game is for players to select any of the coffins at random in the hopes of opening a coffin with a vampire in it. Once a coffin has been opened and a vampire appears, then the vampire will automatically be staked and a bonus amount will appear. This will carry on for as long as the player selects coffins with vampires in them. However it is important to note that there are some coffins which are empty. If a player is to select such a coffin, a number of bats will fly out of that coffin. Once this happens the mini bonus game will end and the player’s total winnings will be added to their balance while they are diverted back to the main game. The coin win with each slain vampire is directly proportional to the bet level and number of bonus symbols which the player would have spun with in order to activate the bonus game in the first place. The maximum possible coins wins an Australian online player can hope to gain from the Blood Suckers mini bonus game is 20,320. However in order to make this possible a player would need to place bets with the maximum betting level and lines.

Among the many options being given to the player to play the Netent All Australian pokies the auto play and the max bet are included. These options ensure that the player plays in a user friendly environment as well as providing faster and easier play throughout. The auto play is an option which enables players to auto select a number of times they wish the spins to automatically spin for. This means that players need not click on the ‘spin’ button after each round as this will happen on its own at the pre-selected coin value, betting level and bet lines that the player desires. The auto play will then stop once the player has selected the ‘stop’ button or once the balance credit has run out. On the other hand, the max bet option allows for players to select it should they wish each bet to automatically take into account the maximum betting level and bet lines of the game. This also means that at the pre-selected coin value players will play the maximum possible way with one click of a button. This ensures that players have bigger chances of winning large as well as being able to obtain higher coin bonuses should they activate the off reel mini bonus game.